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Home Office

Get an amazing home office that suits your needs perfectly!

Brick or timber construction, as much light as you want with as many windows. Single, double or even triple doors at the front and choose your own exterior.

Your own custom built, home office

We custom build your home office to exacting standards and requirements using our own builders and installation teams.

We even fit out the interior.

Home Office

There is a lot to think about.

Do you require an electrical supply, water or air conditioning?

Or do you just want a space you can work away from the house that is little more than four walls.

Salmon Conservatories has built all types of home offices. They can be attached to the home or away from the house at the end of the garden. It’s what suits your needs that are important so it is best to get lots of advice first.

Contact us and book a visit to get a free no-obligation quotation for your home office.