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Change the feel of your entire conservatory with a replacement roof

Create a fluid, beautiful look to your home and a comfortable real room feel to your garden conservatory

We can build any style, any size, any shape and any design it’s all up to you and your imagination!

Stunning modern conservatory facelifts

If your conservatory feels a little bit like a greenhouse, you can change the entire feel and look with a replacement conservatory roof.

Designed to fit in with the tiling on your home and thermally insulated with the latest materials, replacement roofs turn the greenhouse conservatory into a stunning floor to ceiling window room with options like vaulted and flat ceilings, skylights and Velux roof windows.

The lightweight roofs are designed specifically for already installed conservatories, and manufactured from a range of high performance materials which keep the space warm in winter and cooler through summer.

Conservatory replacement roof
Replacement roof for Conservatory

Replacement glass roofs for conservatories

If you're happy with the light and sense of space an all glass conservatory brings, we can also install replacement glass roofs, updating old materials with the latest in thermally insulated materials, self cleaning glass, and UV resistance so the light can come in without the harmful rays.

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Rethink your conservatory for less

There's no need to completely replace a conservatory with our services such as replacement roofs, conservatory redesign, and conservatory repairs and refits, that can give you the feel and space of an entirely new conservatory or garden room space using the structure and parts from your old one.

A new roof creates a completely different inside space incorporating fittings like lighting and pelmets on a vaulted style ceiling, or creating a fluid link to the rest of your home with a suspended ceiling that matches.